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Wedding Videography: Do I really need it and why?

Why do I need a professional wedding video?

Answers: Your wedding day is an event of historical significance and although pictures are special, when your wedding day has passed, only video combines the precious living sights, sounds and emotions and wraps it all together to recreate the magic "live" whenever you want it now and for many years to come.

Just ask yourself; wouldn't you enjoy seeing your parents or even your grandparents wedding day, and actually hearing them say their wedding vows, and dancing their first dance at their reception? Of course you would if they had a video of their wedding day. If your parents were married in the mid 1970's or later, it is rare but possible they might have a low resolution Beta or VHS tape wedding video but video did not even exist when your grandparents were married. Wedding videos capture and forever preserve a "once in a lifetime event" and become more and more valuable the older they get! Your professional wedding video, if you choose to invest in one, will over time become a "priceless" family heirloom treasure and that's an indisputable fact!

Why should I hire a professional wedding videographer when my family member or friend will videotape my wedding for free?

Answers: What is the difference between an amateur and a professional video? Everything. There is honestly no comparison between what an inexperienced amateur videographer is capable of producing vs. a true experienced professional. Even though you may have family members or friends who are willing or want to videotape your wedding for you as a thoughtful gift, the results can be disastrous. Your friend or "Uncle Charlie" would feel terrible if something went wrong which is highly likely with an amateur videographer. In addition to the absence of professional equipment and very limited videotaping skills, it is also likely your amateur video will include very little or no important creative post-production editing of the raw videotaped footage. Watching it the first time may actually be painful and one viewing might be more than enough. Don't take any chances! Thank your friend(s) or family member(s) for their thoughtfulness and hire a professional videographer. Your wedding guests will all enjoy your wedding day celebration stress-free while it's all being artistically captured by your professional wedding videographer.

True video professionals create works of art with their skills and tools. With the development of and now affordably priced advanced cutting-edge HD digital video technology including state-of-the-art compact HD camcorders and high-resolution scratch-resistant HD Blu-ray disc DVD's that never wear out, talented professional wedding videographers now have the tools to rival Hollywood movies with comparable audio/video quality. Like a painting or stunning portrait, your wedding video if produced by a talented professional videographer, will be revered for a lifetime.

Ask yourself; is the "living memory" of your wedding day love story worth saving? If you answer yes to this question, you need a professional wedding videographer at your wedding. Remember: Professional Wedding Videography is the ultimate art form for reliving the most precious memories of your life.

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