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All Inclusive Premium Wedding Video Package Includes...

Special Video Package Features

All Desrochers' Video Production's custom designed video packages include exclusive one-on-one attention by international award-winning videographer, William Desrochers plus other unique-in-the-industry video package enhancements:
  • I personally both videotape and edit your entire video production from start to completion! All fourteen of my international award-winning videos are exclusive William Desrochers' productions! To create original award-winning works of passion and beauty, I personally both videotape and edit your entire wedding/special event production. I never use subcontracted video camerapersons or "assign" the job to someone else. On your wedding day, William Desrochers is the videographer who shows up, not a company assigned videographer you've perhaps never met or know anything about until they show up at your ceremony location. For the client's peace of mind, I also have several other talented veteran professional videographers available as back-ups or extra cameras if the client(s) desire additional videographer coverage at their events. I also refer couples to these other award-winning professionals when I am already booked or not available for any other reasons.
  • To better serve my clients, I only videotape one wedding per weekend! This makes it possible for me to commit all of my time and attention to my clients including, attending the very important wedding rehearsal, pre-wedding ceremony coverage at your home, hotel, hairdresser or other location(s), your entire ceremony, reception and final departure send-off event if you choose to have one as many couples do.
  • Unlimited wedding day coverage hours! I'm never "on a clock" and always arrive early and leave late. Because you are my exclusive wedding day client and I am "the company owner", I never need to leave early or rush off to "another assignment" because my company boss has instructed me to leave. Your wedding day video story is a complete movie that includes many special wedding day moments that would not all be possible to document if my time was limited by an hourly based contract agreement. There are never any expensive additional overtime charges!
  • Better equipment. I use only state-of-the-art professional HD DVD video equipment to videotape and edit your wedding/special event. The many special living sights and sounds are captured in stunning high definition visual/audio clarity including vivid natural colors and life-like audio. My primary video camcorder is the popular shoulder operated high definition HDV tape Canon XL H1A, (displayed in my website header). This is the newest HDV camcorder in Canon's popular professional XL Series line. My secondary camcorder is the compact Sony NEX-VG10 digital HD video camera recorder. The NEX-VG10 is an SDHC Card based camcorder that is equipped with a large-sized CMOS image sensor that records remarkably sharp 1080P video. Although I encourage all couples to choose HD Blu-ray disc as their video format choice, I still offer SD (standard definition) DVD video format in my delivered DVD video packages. However, to assure the very best image and audio quality currently possible, I now record all of my videos in high definition. The higher quality HD videotaped recordings can be easily "downsized" to SD in the editing phase if that is the client's preference. The HD videotaped recording format also assures a higher quality finished SD DVD product. It also gives the client(s) the special available option after the wedding day shoot is over, to request HD Blu-ray disc DVD's if they happen to change their minds and decide before I edit their videos, that they would prefer the HD to the SD version instead. An SD camcorder video recording, that many videographers still exclusively use, cannot be "upsized" to HD.
  • No time limit on ordering additional DVD's. A master digital DVD copy of every wedding I produce is kept in permanent archival storage to honor any future requests for additional and/or replacement copies. I never record over or destroy your digital master. I even retain all of your original DVD & case label templates. Even though you will surely take every precaution to protect and preserve this valuable Family Heirloom, DVD's although much more durable than the fragile VHS tapes of yesteryear, can still be accidentally damaged or lost. Have the peace of mind knowing; you may call me anytime for a replacement or extra copies of your wedding video.
  • No hidden or unexpected "extra charges". There are never any extra unexpected and often hidden "video package options" or "add-on fees" like travel expenses, mileage charges, taxes, additional hourly overtime charges, etc. in any of my custom designed wedding video packages. These additional charges are often not reflected in many advertised video package prices but they can and will dramatically increase the "bottom line" price of what others often advertise as "great deals" until you read all of the small print, ask specific product cost questions or see your final bill. My video contract is simple and honest and there are never any unwelcome surprises.
  • Copy Right Protection Release Letter. All of my delivered video packages now also include this very special bonus perk that is also unique in the special events videography industry. This legal document, (personally signed by me), gives you total unrestricted legal freedom to make as many personal and/or extra retail store copies of your professional video without the need to purchase them directly from me after you receive your completed video package. If you choose, you can take your video along with this document to any professional retail video duplication location such as Ritz Camera Stores to request extra personal copies. Without this document, it is against the law to make extra copies and any retail duplication service will be able to see, like any Blockbuster rental movie, that your video is a professional one. I also, unlike many of my competitors, don't use special digital encoding software that makes it impossible to copy your videos on any consumer video duplication machines.
  • 100% Video contract investment protection. This feature is unique to my video contract agreement and one of several reasons for my A+ (highest awarded) BBB rating.

    In the rare case of an unexpected/unplanned emergency or other unavoidable client event that requires a need to change or postpone the wedding date, such as a military deployment, 100% of your initial video package investment can be applied to any other available William Desrochers' date(s). If the new date is not available on my contract calendar or I am unable to reschedule your video production event for any other reasons, you are then entitled to a full contract investment refund! And it is written in your signed contract agreement! (I challenge anyone to find any other reputable Maryland video company or photographer or any wedding vendor for that matter who offers or is even willing to do the same!)

  • Fully negotiable video contract features and payment plans. Please complete my short price quote form to learn more.

Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Reception Cocktail Hour Bride and Groom Video Photo Montage Package

The video photo montage is a very special and always popular family and wedding guest's presentation of the bride and groom growing up; from their early years to the time they started dating. This special "bride & groom story" presentation is always enjoyed by everyone who watches. Parents and family will look back and affectionately remember those very special growing up years and new friends will learn a little more about you. I prepare your video photo montage using a selection of your family and/or dating photographs and your music. I then digitally retouch and enhance every included photo prior to creating an elegant and highly entertaining video photo montage. Your photo montage showcases your new and improved family and dating photographs that now look much better than the originals. All premium audio-visual equipment set-up & operation is included! This includes a premier family and bridal party pre-view presentation at your rehearsal dinner location on a portable LCD projection system that includes an 80" 16X9 widescreen format projection screen. In addition, "your story" plays on a loop during your wedding reception cocktail hour on an LCD TV where it always attracts a crowd. Your premium video photo montage package includes five photo-labeled DVD copies in cases and a very special bonus of all of your digitally enhanced and retouched family/dating photos on a separate hi-resolution photo CD.

Wedding Rehearsal Attendance

I attend your wedding rehearsal to work in cooperation with your church or synagogue to better plan my videotaping positions and to be as inconspicuous as possible on your wedding day. This also gives me the special opportunity to meet your family and wedding party and discuss videotaping procedures with your clergyman or rabbi to respect the videotaping rules of your ceremony location and assure the best possible unobtrusive video coverage. On your wedding day, because I've already driven to and surveyed your ceremony location, planned my videotaping positions and met all of your important wedding participants, I know exactly where to go and where to be to capture the best possible video footage without disturbing anyone or asking any questions. Professional wedding photographers often ask me to identify wedding family members and other important bridal party participants on your wedding day because I've already met everyone at your rehearsal.

Wedding Rehearsal/Dinner Photography Coverage

In addition to all of my other unique in the wedding video industry included video package enhancements, my all-inclusive premium weekend wedding video package includes complementary William Desrochers' wedding rehearsal and if also applicable, rehearsal dinner professional digital photography coverage. In addition to 20+ years of award-winning professional videography experience, I am also an accomplished photographer who also taught film photography classes to public school students and others long before I became an international award-winning professional wedding videographer. As a very special & very rare/perhaps unique-in-the-industry added feature bonus, I personally photograph your wedding rehearsal practice using my state-of-the-art professional 22.3MP Full-Frame CMOS sensor Canon EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR camera. This camera, which is also Canon's newest professional DSLR camera, is the camera of choice of many popular high-end professional wedding photographers. I usually deliver all of those fun/unobtrusive photos on a non-copy right protected photo CD the very next day! I invite you to ask any other area professional wedding videographer or photographer if they also include or even offer wedding rehearsal photography coverage as part of any videography or photography package. Very few if any will even attend your rehearsal or if they do, they will most likely charge you a substantial additional fee for that extra "premium package option". If you choose to meet with me, as part of your private tour, you will also see some of my recent wedding location photographs that are on display throughout my studio along with some original paintings and all of my international wedding video awards.

Pre-Wedding Ceremony Coverage

As an important part of your "Complete Wedding Day Video Story", I arrive an average of two hours early at your wedding ceremony location to set up my equipment, & videotape elegant pre-ceremony location footage. This special pre-wedding ceremony coverage includes beautiful exterior and interior ceremony location video footage, the arrival of the wedding party and guests, bridal party preparations, (if applicable), plus candid shots of those special moments that often occur before the actual start of your wedding ceremony. In addition, I also bring along my professional digital SLR camera to take some creative original Desrochers' ceremony location photographs that I include in your completed DVD production as creative DVD menu page backgrounds and as labels for your DVD discs and cases. Because all of my unique-in-the industry wedding video packages include unlimited wedding day coverage hours, I am able to also include this very special pre-ceremony coverage that most other companies charge extra for if they offer it at all.

The Wedding Ceremony

I videotape your entire wedding ceremony service to include all important traditional aspects. Any unwanted portions can be edited out later per your personal EDL requests after you watch your included full-coverage preview wedding video DVD set described below. My wedding ceremony videotaping goal is always to remain as unobtrusive as possible while also successfully capturing your ceremony in locations where your guests will not be distracted by me and my video camera gear and all of your wedding guests attention will be where it should be; on you and your wedding party! The groom wears an inconspicuous wireless clip-on microphone to clearly record your wedding vows from a distance. I usually work alone or with one equipment assistant. If requested or if I feel there is a need after attending your wedding rehearsal, I can also employ the additional services of another professional wedding videographer from a pool of several available that are also my back-ups when and if they are ever needed.

How many videographers are really needed and how many do I use:

Clients often ask me; "How many cameras and videographers do I use?" My answer is: With some exceptions, myself and my HD camcorder equipped assistant and/or an occasional unmanned stationary video camera if I decide it is needed or requested by the client(s) after attending your wedding rehearsal where I always pre-plan my video shoot and positions. All twelve of my international wedding video awards were exclusively videotaped and edited by me using one camcorder! Regardless of all of the commercial sales talk you read and hear about the need and/or advantages of having multiple videographers at your wedding, the fact is; one talented experienced award-winning "wedding video specialist" will always do a better job than 2 or more average ability and often obtrusive video "camera operators". These additional camera persons are often hired by video companies at low wages under the false pretense they are necessary to assure a high quality wedding video product. The truth is; it is more profitable for the "company owners" to charge you a substantial extra fee to subcontract additional video camera operators, (who may or may not have experience videotaping weddings), vs. sending one veteran award-winning professional wedding videographer who knows exactly what to do through years of exclusive wedding videotaping experience. Most photographers work with one or more assistants and when you also add 2 or more videographers and their hired help, your wedding day can end up turning into a "media circus" with continuous annoying highly obtrusive camera crew disruptions. It is important and wonderful to have your wedding day artistically documented by your talented veteran professional photographer and videographer but not ruined by an unnecessary and expensive group of camera crews competing for space and coverage positions.

The Wedding Reception

Video all important traditional reception events; introductions, first dance, second dance, father daughter dance, groom and his mother, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, etc. I also interview, with your permission and by invitation only, your parents, wedding party and other family members and friends who wish to leave you a personal message. No one is ever pressured to speak on camera. This adds a very personal touch to your video and is an important living memory of your loved ones. I work as part of a "professional team" along with your photographer, wedding coordinator and DJ or band to capture all of the elegance and fun of your special celebration.

I stay until the very end of your reception, even if you extend the time as often happens, to capture your important last dance and those special departure moments, including if applicable, your drive off in your guest decorated "just married car." Most other videographers that are often on a limited contract time schedule will have already left to get to a "next assignment" or will charge you a substantial overtime fee to capture these important end of reception moments that are also an important part of your "Complete Wedding Day Video Story".


  • Five artistically fully digitally edited SD or HD Blu-ray Disc DVD video sets in beautiful individually custom designed full-face high-resolution photo labeled DVD cases. All DVD's include convenient interactive motion menu pages with many easy to navigate and easy to read labeled chapters. I also only use premium quality professional water-resistant high-gloss DVD-R's. In addition, to produce beautiful high-resolution long lasting photographic images, my DVD case inserts are printed on professional quality premium photo papers including; "Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper", "HP Premium Plus", "Epson Ultra Premium" and others. I never use the more common inexpensive generic paper stock inserts for any of my labels.
  • One complementary fully edited pre-view wedding video DVD is included with every custom designed wedding video package. This very special rare-in-the-industry bonus DVD is delivered to you for your review and final approval prior to completing your final DVD package usually consisting of 5 copies of your video. In the rare case of an occasional defective DVD disc and/or videographer editing errors such as a misspelled name or other unintended mistakes that are the fault of the videographer, I am always happy to make those necessary corrections prior to producing your final wedding video package.
  • A digitally edited DVD video photo montage slide show of the bride and groom growing up and/or dating to show at your rehearsal dinner and/or wedding reception cocktail hour. You provide the photos and music in CD format prior to your wedding day. You receive 5 labeled DVD copies, one for you and four more for anyone you choose. This is a very popular special presentation that everyone always enjoys; especially those family members and other loved ones featured in the show. After attending and presenting "your story" at your wedding rehearsal dinner on the "big screen", on your wedding day, I provide and set up an LCD TV and DVD player where your montage show plays during your wedding rehearsal cocktail hour for all in attendance to enjoy.
  • Custom high-resolution DVD disc and case photo labels. I personally individually design and print all of your beautiful custom DVD disc and case labels in my state-of-the-art video production office/studio. I only use your wedding day high-resolution photographs that were either taken by me or my assistant or provided by your professional photographer with his or her permission. My DVD disc labels are printed directly onto the DVD disc face using a high-end professional photo printer vs. stick-on labels that some videographers still use. The problem with stick-on labels is the risk of them buckling and/or coming off after repeated use that can occasionally cause them to jam inside and ruin in your DVD player. My beautiful unique-in-the-industry individually designed full-face DVD case photo images are printed on premium quality photo papers only, not the more common generic paper labels popular with many other video companies. The primary purpose of my professional DVD packaging labels is to artistically "showcase" the newlyweds, not advertise my company name and/or logo.
  • Artistic all-digital studio editing. After personally filming your entire wedding day, I spend an additional average of 40 or more post-production studio hours artistically and meticulously editing each and every wedding video to create a beautiful and highly entertaining wedding day story video "masterpiece". I use a minimum of unnecessary "special effects" gimmicks to maintain the integrity of the story. A few tastefully applied special effects are always necessary to enhance the viewing experience but when used improperly and in excess, they can distract from the story and actually be be very annoying. Many video companies "assign" the editing job to separate individuals many of whom were not at the wedding and some who never even met the clients. These separate full-time video editors often work with preassigned "cookie cutter style" studio editing scripts that often consists of an excessive amount of digital special effects stuff used to hopefully disguise average or even poor quality videotaped wedding day coverage. Even the most creative editing skills can never take the place of artistically professionally videotaped high-quality wedding day video coverage.
  • A flashback ending including a still video photomontage using wedding day photographs and/or a selection of your honeymoon pictures all set to music of your choice. After returning from your honeymoon you can either email or send me a selection of your honeymoon photos and your music choice for an appropriate and always popular ending to your "wedding story".
  • All of your original HDV/DV camcorder tapes are included. I only use the best professional grade Panasonic AMQ (Advanced Master Quality) HDV/DV mini DV camcorder tapes to videotape your event. To assure the best possible video image and audio quality, I only record on each and every tape only one time and never reuse them! After I complete all of your event post-production editing, I am then finished with that particular set of DV tapes and rather than keep or discard them, I include them in your final production video package.
  • No digital copyright protection encoding or restrictions on your delivered DVD's. Your video package includes a signed copyright protection release letter that gives you unrestricted legal permission to make personal home or commercial copies of your video without the need to purchase additional copies from me. You own your video free of any copyright restrictions! As one more unique feature of William Desrochers' video products, I choose to also give you the legal and technical right and ability to burn as many additional extra personal copies of your DVD's as you choose and give them to anyone you choose to give them to! This includes the freedom to make additional extra personal copies on any home computer or DVD burner without fear of any legal consequences as a result of "copyright protection laws violations"! As is the case with all commercially produced and marketed Hollywood rental movies, I can, and most professional videographers do; physically encode your videos with available copyright protection software that makes it impossible for you to make any additional copies on any available consumer DVD burner. You therefore, have no other options except to purchase them directly from your videographer often at substantial additional expense! If you or any of your loved ones desires another copy of your Desrochers' wedding video DVD and you don't want to purchase them directly from me, feel free, if you have the equipment and know how, to make them yourself with my blessings! Most newer computers now come with built in DVD players/burners and unlike the terrible low resolution VHS tapes of yesteryear, there is no audio/video quality loss in digital duplication. Even though my premium video package already includes five beautifully labeled and packaged DVD sets, if you ever want extra professionally labeled and boxed DVD sets exactly like your originals, now or anytime in the future; they are also always available for a nominal additional charge.

And more: I invite you to meet with me to learn more about my unique-in-the-industry wedding video package services including watching recent examples my work. I will also give you a comprehensive package of videography information and a sample DVD to share with others.

If ever a single moment in your life was worth preserving, this is the one! A professional wedding video DVD produced by a talented wedding video specialist is a valuable family Heirloom, a treasure that can be passed onto your children. Modern professional SD & HD DVD videos give you, friends and family the opportunity to relive and enjoy the wonderful sights, sounds and emotions of your very special day for generations to come.

My goal is always to design high quality personalized video packages to meet your exact special needs, and unique itinerary. I pride myself in creating elegant state-of-the-art award-winning wedding video DVD productions that artistically and unobtrusively capture and preserve the sights, sounds and emotions of one of most important events of your life.

Schedule a meeting today for a friendly no-obligation consultation in my home based studio. Meet with me at your convenience, including evenings and some weekends.

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