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Why there are no “demo tapes” or client videos displayed on my commercial websites:

Most importantly, I respect the personal privacy of all of my customers. My professional special event client videos are for their private and personal enjoyment alone and not displayed on the World- Wide Web as commercial advertisements for my company. My extensive important earned professional credentials that includes numerous awards, an A+ BBB Accreditation with a perfect zero complaints customer satisfaction history and more does not also require the need to display artificial special effects enhanced "demo tapes" or my clients private special event videos on my websites. The large majority of my new customers are now referrals from my many former always happy videography clients and/or the many popular event venues and professional vendors who have worked with me over the years. Many of the exceptional wedding product providers listed on my primary website LINKS page also own copies of my event videos, personally know me and my work very well and often refer new customers to me.

I personally meet with 100% of my local area video customers and only share real wedding videos with them, (exact copies of the videos my customer received). Anyone including myself can produce flashy demo-tapes but they are not real wedding videos, only advertisements to hopefully impress and entice prospective customers to purchase their products based solely on what they see and read on their commercial websites often without visiting with or even meeting the company owner(s) or videographer(s) in advance of their wedding day.

Consider the following facts when watching wedding video samples on commercial websites:

Many of those "smiling couples" you see on some video product websites don't even realize they are on the World-Wide Web, occasionally even along with their names and/or other personal private information until a friend and/or family members tell them they saw them on the internet. Permission to use their videos as marketing tools was cleverly hidden in the "fine print" of the often very wordy contract agreements they signed. The fact is; most of what you see on video product websites are info-commercial special effects enhanced sales gimmicks anyway and are very rarely even an honest representation of the products those companies deliver.

As a smart consumer, also be aware of this very impotent fact before you sign any videography contract agreements without meeting the videographer(s) who will be working with you on your wedding day or visiting their studios where it is possible for you to validate that they are legitimate/honest professionals.

Purchasing wedding video products or hiring your photographer based solely on what you see and read on commercial websites can and has resulted in huge disappointments by many distressed customers of these often dishonest video companies. Many of these companies, in spite of their flashy websites, in the interest of the company owners’ profits, often employ and send contracted low hourly paid camera persons sometimes with little or no wedding videotaping experience to videotape their weddings and other events, with disastrous results. What you see is very often not what you get!

My personal opinion and recommendation is; it is vital whenever possible that you meet with any video product companies you are considering in person in their actual workplaces and get it in writing that whoever produced any videos you watch and love are also the same individual(s) who will show up at your event on your special day to videotape your wedding or other special event.

If you are still interested in meeting with me to watch some of my recent real wedding video productions, (exact copies of the ones my customers received), please get back to me to discuss a convenient day and time that you would like to visit me in my home based studio.

Thanks again for your interest and best wishes with all of your remaining wedding plans for a very successful, enjoyable and memorable wedding date.

Bill Desrochers
Desrochers’ Video Productions
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